How Mastery of EI/EQ As A Leadership Team Optimized The Strategic Planning Process For A Healthcare Services Organization


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The Situation

A nimble leadership team, aspiring for a growth year wanted to maximize their knowledge of the business, their industry, and their customers to improve the trajectory of their services and partnerships.

  • A people-centric organization, the CEO is passionate in the belief that a strong team will get them to the business growth aspiration
  • A balance between understanding self, the team, external stakeholders is key to impact and accomplishing goals
  • Partnership with Elev8 for the experience in leadership development, advanced methodologies leveraged in EI/EQ, and strategic understanding of the healthcare industry

“My client is the main architect of the desired growth path. We partner together to drive results, leveraging my experiences, to drive to your purpose.” – CEO, Saran Traore


Our Approach

In a survey of over 10,000 senior leaders, 97% of them said that being strategic was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success. Yet, in another study, 96% of the leaders surveyed said they lacked the time for strategic thinking.

Meeting intentionally as an internal team to align on why strategy is important was key, and to link the importance of leadership development to accomplish these objectives. The organization moved forward with:

  • Dedicated strategic planning session facilitated by Elev8
  • Assessment of prior years’ strategy, goals, and reasons for success


Elev8’s process consists of understanding the difference between strategy and tactics, ways to focus efforts and resources, and growing leadership behaviors needed for success. This resulted in the team developing a plan for strategic priorities and champions in order to ensure pull through. Elev8 also helped develop dedicated timelines and commitments as a team to their aligned strategies.

The leadership team is more intentional and focused on the roadmap for leadership and business strategic roadmap with built in touch points to help validate or pivot on the path forward.

  • Developed a year long roadmap for leadership development, strategic priorities (1year +), and tactics
  • Year long individual and team leadership development plans based on industry standard EI/EQ assessment
  • Quarterly progress check-ins on strategic roadmap and leadership coaching
  • End of year retrospective review, accomplishments, and next year planning for any mitigations


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