Leadership Coach, Saran Traore of Elev8, Featured in BTS Magazine


In the fast-paced world of corporate success, finding clarity and purpose can be the missing piece in achieving fulfillment. Saran Traore, a distinguished coaching industry leader, experienced this firsthand during her journey. Recently featured in Medium’s BTS Magazine, Traore’s transformational story highlights her path from a successful corporate career to becoming a dedicated leadership coach through her firm, Elev8. Let’s explore the insights shared in the article and discover how Elev8 is empowering leaders to find clarity and achieve their goals.

With an impressive background in healthcare and pharmaceutical leadership, Saran Traore’s career was marked by significant accomplishments in reputable companies like Avalere Health, AstraZeneca, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Despite her achievements, she felt pulled in multiple directions, lacking clarity in her career trajectory and priorities. Realizing the need for change, Traore embarked on a new journey as a leadership coach, driven by a desire to help others find alignment and fulfillment.

Saran’s approach to coaching is rooted in self-awareness and individualization, supported by research on emotional intelligence development. Starting with the end in mind, she employs powerful questions that guide clients beyond potential obstacles, allowing them to share their journey and desired destination. Through this process, clients gain a deeper understanding of their purpose, emotional intelligence competencies, and focus on ways to improve their impact and interactions.

As Saran explains, “Questions are truly transformative. We look beyond what could prevent clients from accomplishing their goals. This creates the space for people to share their journey of where they have come and where they desire to be.” Whether clients seek to strengthen their team dynamics or enhance their communication skills, Saran tailors her coaching approach to address individual needs and challenges.

One of the key insights shared in the article is the loneliness often experienced by leaders at the top. Saran understands this firsthand and draws from her personal experiences to support her clients effectively. Feedback becomes increasingly vital as leaders climb higher, yet it becomes harder to obtain honest input. This is where a coach, like Saran, becomes invaluable, providing support and guidance to leaders facing challenges and solitude on their path to success.

In summary, Saran Traore, with her nearly decade-long success in the healthcare industry, now dedicates herself to coaching professionals across all industries through her firm, Elev8. Her unique approach emphasizes individualization and emotional intelligence, empowering clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. By offering invaluable support and guidance, Saran helps leaders find clarity and self-awareness in both their personal and professional lives.

To learn more about Saran Traore and Elev8’s coaching services, follow on LinkedIn or visit Elev8’s website to get in touch directly. Her expertise in leadership coaching and personal growth is a valuable resource for those seeking clarity, self-awareness, and success on their leadership journey.


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