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ELEV8 (Elevate) is a leadership development firm founded on the belief that being a successful and impactful leader does not start when an individual steps in a formal title, especially in an evolving workforce. Leadership behaviors are cultivated early, and overtime to shape authentic leaders towards sustainable habits. ELEV8 is equipped with the skills and passion to support development of key leadership habits with real-world implementation strategies.
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My client is the main architect of the desired growth path. We partner together to drive results, leveraging my experiences, to drive to your purpose.

Saran Traore - Founder/CEO

Certified Executive Coach & Leadership Development Facilitator

Results Driven Consultant

Saran Traore is a Certified Executive Coach with over 10 years of experience leveraging advanced coaching methodologies, approaches, and assessments to facilitate leaders and teams in accelerating capacity, agility, and resilience to tackle the toughest leadership challenges today.

Saran Traore has an incredible record of leadership in the healthcare industry, which has resulted in measurable benefit to companies like Avalere Health, AstraZeneca, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Gaining transferable skills that currently benefits clients across different industries. 

What Sets Us Apart?

ELEV8’s passion for people development, coupled with relevant and transferable skills fuels our dedication to support clients.

  • 1
    Attain self-awareness/mastery as the foundation to external leadership
  • 2
    Align individual goals with organizational vision
  • 3
    Leverage attained insights to create agile & adaptable leadership habits through evolving situations

Join us in a practical process that offers high potential individuals a versatile strategic leadership roadmap, with an implementation framework for career growth and advancement –  Developed together!

ELEV8's Framework

Self Aware-Ship

    • A continuous and evolving process, understand your individual working and personal styles, motivations, and progressive goals
    • In relations to others: Explore how your styles impact the external environment for success. Develop mitigations to bridge the gap necessary to succeed in current and future aspirations


Leverage insights in “self aware-ship” to inform your long term vision. Further defining a versatile leadership framework for sustainable success.

What Benefits Do Clients Gain After Working With Us?

  • 1
    Leveraged our business acumen in people development for a holistic approach to leadership.
  • 2
    Incorporates our experiences and proven coaching methodologies in order to develop the path that best serves your purpose and drive.
  • 3
    Our drive and passion for helping others attain their goals through the most authentic and sustainable processes that best aligns with your leadership compass

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