Helping High Potential Individuals Develop Sustainable Leadership Habit.

Through High-Impact, Individualized Engagements, And Tangible Implementation Frameworks, ELEV8 Provides A Path For Authentic Leadership Growth.

Helping High Potential Individuals in Healthcare Develop Sustainable Leadership Habits

Through High-Impact, Individualized Engagements, And Tangible Implementation Frameworks, ELEV8 Provides A Path For Authentic Leadership Growth.

Our Specialties

Behavior Coaching

Group and individual sessions are focused on desired areas of growth for the client with applied coaching methodologies that best compliment learning and thinking styles for optimal success.

New to your industry or role, we can provide support in building your growth plan that allows for on the job success and impact near- long term goals. Services include: Development Plans, Role Play High-Stake Conversations (i.e. Interviews, Negotiations), and Personal Brand Building
The ELEV8 framework is highly leveraged, especially for 1:1 leader coaching.

Training & Facilitation

Based on desired leadership topics and skills, ELEV8 provides interactive and learning sessions that provide participants with key concepts and methodologies that can be realistically applied to their day-to-day life.

Coaching for Career Success

Elev8 provides project and change management support in high pace organizations (public & private sectors) that require strong program management skill, influence, driving accountability, and milestone accomplishments. Connect with us today to learn how we apply leadership and project skills to drive outcomes.

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Our executive consultant provides the most compressive approaches to leadership and management systems. Connect with us today.

Sectors We Partner With:

Life Sciences Organizations (Bio-Pharma)

Health/Medical Systems

Business Professionals Across Dynamic Industries

Benefits of working with us:

Organizations gain confidence in building a sustainable pipeline of high potential employees that will have the adaptability and competencies for future leadership roles.

  • Individuals and teams that are present, engaged, and motivated to deliver
  • Confident future leaders that have the right tools for success in and out of the workplace- being their true authentic selves
  • Advance a people centric culture where individuals and the organization are moving towards common objectives
  • Attain self-awareness and mastery as the foundation to external leadership
  • Align individual goals with organizational vision
  • Leverage attained insights to create agile & adaptable leadership habits through evolving situations

What Our Partners
Are Saying

“Saran is an amazing coach, who is always willing to listen and guide you in self-reflection, allowing you to critically think about your decisions and path vs being provided the answers. Saran’s calm, caring personality makes it easy to feel like you are talking to a trusted, life-long friend. Coupled with her vast experience across multiple parts of the healthcare industry, Saran’s mentorship and coaching can let you meet your career goals.”
“Saran recently worked with me to advance my career towards a leadership, field based role in life sciences (reimbursement). We did two different sessions of coaching prior to the interview and role-playing: One session focused on the job duties and the other on personality and confidence building. I excelled at all the questions that were thrown at me during the interview and I moved forward with the hiring processing!”
“Saran provided an incredible amount of support and guidance while I began a new challenging role as a healthcare management consultant. Her guidance was strategic, tactical, and she helped me assess progress on a regular basis. Her coaching played a large role in my progress and success.”

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